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Something about us from a little bit of different perspective.

We are unique - no other company provides the kind of in-depth service we offer.  There are plenty of consultants with expertise in a particular area of car dealer's operation. The IDDS team brings a diverse and extensive background in all areas of a dealership.

Where most consultants fail is not looking at the whole picture. They peer into a half empty glass and blame the sales force or the executives. Do they consider how each department works together? How communication filters from top to bottom?

We evaluate every aspect of your dealership's operations in order to increase efficiency. IDDS Group conducts a comprehensive audit of every department, its policies and procedures and produces a report with recommendations and a blueprint to follow.  Following these recommendations will help increase sales, profits and reduce operating expenses.

IDDS Group brings a thorough and balanced perspective.  When you add in our direct knowledge of how a dealership runs, then we will make sure your business is not just successful, but has a detailed plan for continued and sustained growth.


Max Zanan, Co-Founder and CEO

Max Zanan is a seasoned automotive industry expert with nearly 15 years of experience in sales, F&I and dealership consulting. After graduating John Jay College of Criminal Justice, Zanan went on to get his Master’s Degree before starting his career in automotive retail as a salesman at a local, New York City Volkswagen dealership. After working his way up the ranks, Zanan then became the General Manager of a New York City Mitsubishi dealership, which subsequently placed #1 in sales for Mitsubishis in the United States. Following his stint at Mitsubishi, Zanan went on to become the Platform President at Elite Auto Group, where he oversaw three dealerships, with 150 total personnel.

Zanan then transitioned from automotive retail into F&I Products and Training, when he accepted the position of Executive Director with Vehicle Manufacturer’s Services. As Executive Director, he managed the company’s two largest accounts; Atlantic Auto Group and Plaza Automall. Zanan started IDDS Consulting in 2011 to enhance sales and promote best practices with automotive dealers across the United States. As Co-Founder and CEO of IDDS Consulting, Zanan utilizes all of the skills he has picked up over the years in order to cohesively mentor dealerships on how to increase revenue and profitability in all departments.

Steven Gefter, Managing Director

Steven L. Gefter brings with him more than ten years of experience in the automotive field to help dealers reach success and boost their revenue. Gefter attended Hofstra University and subsequently served as a Sales and Operations Manager at a local New York City dealership, overseeing an average volume of 8,000 customers per month. This experience, partnered with his ability to create and define systems, has enabled Gefter to increase monthly territory volume for his customers by 28% through a proprietary business assessment strategy. It also allows him to be better equipped in assisting dealerships in increasing revenue and improving profitability through rigorous training programs, setting proper goals and opening new accounts.